Tuesday, December 20, 2011

The 'Mad Scientist' Lab Is Back Up And Running!


Back In Business

For someone who dislikes Karaoke as much as I do, I sure spend a lot of time repairing Karaoke equipment.

I finished repairing 3 Karaoke microphones and a DVD/Karaoke player last night at 3:30am.

As a side note - If you do any amount of delicate soldering, it would benefit you to get a good solder station and not try to use the crappy chinese stick soldering irons. Crappy tips, crappy temp control, crappy overall.

As another side note - try not to buy any electronics with a lot of knobs and switches. The knobs are potentiometers, and tend to go bad here because of the humidity and dust. Switches corrode and stop working. And especially - STAY AWAY FROM CHINESE ELECTRONICS (at least those not built for well-known companies who don't scrimp and use cheap parts). Carp, carp, carp!

PROMAC, MEGAMAXX, ACE, PENSONIC, and FUKUDA are a few brands to avoid.

Also note: at the Pure Gold, you can buy replacement remotes for most of the popular brands for under p100 - most likely p50. Don't buy from the street vendors that walk around the neighborhoods - they will charge from p100-150 or more for the same remotes.