Tuesday, December 24, 2013

RGB LED Persistence-Of-Vision Display (PIC12F629 & WS2812Bs)

I played around at creating a POV display with red LEDs before - I really want to make another using 24 WS2812B RGB LEDs. So, since I lack parts, I decided to draw up plans. No hardware or software yet - just plans :)

The big question - since the LEDs are addressed serially, and there's 24 LEDs x 24 bits apiece (576 bits total), and the serial bus has a speed of 800Kbps - will I be able to address all of the LEDs in time, or will there be a visually perceptible lag between LED 1 and LED 24?

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Fun With A PIC, LEDs, And A Motor

This is a couple of years old, but I never posted it. So, for posterity, here is my attempt at a 'persistence-of-vision' display. Only 5 LEDs on a spinning arm, and definitely a junkyard build, but effective. I used a micro-switch that was bumped every revolution as my '0 degree' indication, which made a lot of noise and reduced the revolutions a bit. It would have been better if I had used a 'hall-effect' sensor (but I didn't have one) or even an infrared emitter/detector. Next revision?