Friday, February 8, 2013

FM Radio (PIC12F1840) Using A TEA5767 or RDA5807P Module

UPDATE 13.0209:Here's some links for information about the RDA5807P and module:
RDA5807P Datasheet
Quick Info Sheet on a RDA5807P module. It does NOT look like the one I am using.
RDA5807 Programming Manual - unfortunately, it's in Chinese

And here's some links for the TEA5767:
TEA5767 Application Note
TEA5767 Datasheet

The RDA5807 can operate in native (RDA5807) mode or emulate the TEA5767. So the datasheet for the TEA5767 is a good source for registers and bits.

Here's a quickie project using a PIC12F1840, an RDA5807P module (although a TEA5767 module could be used), a 2x16 I2C LCD module and an IR receiver. FM Radio! I haven't played around with all of the module settings yet - but I have power on, power off, scan up, scan down, mute, and toggling HLSI mode.

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  1. I've used both of these FM chips and prefer the reception and sound quality of the TEA5657 over the RDA. I would have to warn against buying the module produced by Elechouse, commonly found especially on ebay. The board is of low quality. Some of the component pads have already come off of the board from light soldering (simply adding the 4 pin header for external 1/8" jack) and the 32768 oscillator has already crapped out. The (tiny) TEA modules work great, even without a proper antenna. I'm building a FM receiver / mp3 combo and looking for example code using RSD with the TEA module if you can advise...