Friday, February 8, 2013

FM Radio (PIC12F1840) Using A TEA5767 or RDA5807P Module

UPDATE 13.0209:Here's some links for information about the RDA5807P and module:
RDA5807P Datasheet
Quick Info Sheet on a RDA5807P module. It does NOT look like the one I am using.
RDA5807 Programming Manual - unfortunately, it's in Chinese

And here's some links for the TEA5767:
TEA5767 Application Note
TEA5767 Datasheet

The RDA5807 can operate in native (RDA5807) mode or emulate the TEA5767. So the datasheet for the TEA5767 is a good source for registers and bits.

Here's a quickie project using a PIC12F1840, an RDA5807P module (although a TEA5767 module could be used), a 2x16 I2C LCD module and an IR receiver. FM Radio! I haven't played around with all of the module settings yet - but I have power on, power off, scan up, scan down, mute, and toggling HLSI mode.