Sunday, August 11, 2013

Baby Crib Toy

My wife and I are enjoying the company of our new son - Ethan Christopher - who is almost 3 weeks old. We bought a crib for him the other day with one of those wind up crib toys that he can watch and listen to and (hopefully) be entertained.

The problems are:
1) It needs to be wound up. Constantly. If it stops, Ethan cries.
2) It only has one song.
3) There is no control of the song volume.

So, I am going to take the 'Cat Ball' design and make a crib toy out of it. Hopefully I can find all of the bits and pieces I need to do this project.

Plus, my lab is a mess. Actually, my lab is now a big messy pile of junk in one corner of the old flat. We turned the new MadLab office space into our bedroom, because we were able to easily seal off the room and add air conditioning. Which means before I put the project together, I have to put the MadLab back together first. Somewhere. I haven't figured out where, yet.