Wednesday, July 20, 2011

New Product: Retro Bluetooth Handset w/Accessories

Retro Bluetooth Handset:

Just a regular touchtone phone handset - with bluetooth capabilities

Microphone end of handset, showing the recharging jack

Speaker end if the handset, with status LEDs and control buttons

Status LEDs - Yellow (Bottom): bluetooth status, Red (Top): charging status
Control buttons - left side: bluetooth function, right side: volume up/down

Recharging base - connects to computer via USB for power.
Touchtone pad non-functional.

Recharging base - recharging cord in storage (safe) position

Recharging base - with handset in cradle and recharging cable connected

Recharging Base - additional faceplate templates, made from 4x6 photos

Accessory: "Rip Cord". Non-functional, but when plugged into the handset,
gives the illusion that the phone has been ripped from the base

Accessory: "Rip Cord". Attached to the bluetooth handset

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