Tuesday, June 26, 2012

My New Office / MadLab Is Almost Done

The last of the major construction, the pour of
the 4th floor slab, is being completed today.

This is the rooftop of a 3 story building. It will have a
garden and party area, only accessible from the 4th
floor of our home, which is next door.

The floor below this (the 3rd floor) will be home to
my new office / Mad Lab. The floor space is 33
square meters, so there is lots of room. On the
west end, to the top-left of the picture, will be
a private patio with a BBQ grill. The east end,
to the bottom-right of the picture, will have
a terrace. The only access is from the 3rd
floor of our house next door. Should be nice.

 This is the office patio on the west side.
I can't wait for the first BBQ.

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