Friday, October 12, 2012

Loading Movies Onto The Slick eReader ER700-2

After spending several hours downloading firmware upgrades, downloading video conversion utilities, perusing websites for tips and tricks, and then letting a LARGE movie convert overnite (from MP4 to FLV format), I finally have managed to g
et movies to play on my Slick eReader (ER700-2 - 2GB internal memory with a 4GB SD card). Now, instead of just reading eBooks and listening to MP3s, I can take a break and mindlessly watch a movie. Not bad for a cheap $79 device. No touch screen, tho - so the user interface is a bit clunky. But - it still works. Whoo-hoo!

The software I use is "Any Video Converter", which is free (but ad-supported). Also be careful during the install - they will try to install one of those goofy toolbars. Do a custom install and uncheck the installation of the toolbar.

To convert movies for the Slick eReader - select the .FLV profile. When you load a movie to convert, look at the framerate for that movie (in the info section of the movie selected) and select that framerate for the conversion process. If the framerate of the original file is 24 fps, select 24 fps for the conversion. For the video size, I usually select 640x480, unless the original video size is small (320x240 or less) - then I select 320x240. For the bitrate I select 512 - this results in a reasonably sized file (usually below 0.5GB). The conversion process seems to take 1.5-2x the length of the original video file, so if the movie is two hours long, it will take between 3-4 hours to convert.

Once you have your movie converted, just connect the Slick eReader to your PC with a USB cable and then copy the .FLV file to either internal or external memory.


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