Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Cat Toy (PIC12F1840)

I decided to revisit the 'Cat Ball' after I found the original board in my project box. It looked like I had cannibalized the board for parts, so it was definitely not working. And the perf board was actually broken in half. Oops.

So - instead of a 'Cat Ball', we will just call it a 'Cat Toy'. It has a PIC12F1840 at the heart, a piezo speaker to play sounds / music, two LEDs (green and red) for color, and a vibrating motor I scrounged from an old cell phone.

As always, here's the schematic:

And a few pictures:

Crowded! There's a lot on this little board.

The ugly underbelly. I was more concerned with fast than pretty.

And a short movie:

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