Friday, November 15, 2013

Typhoon Yolanda Relief

If you are considering donating monies for Typhoon Yolanda relief, I would ask you to consider donating to this charity in Davao City.

From a friend of mine who lives in Davao City and works with the Family Circus outreach:

It's been an honor to work with Darrell & Sandy Blatchley as well as their son Darrell every week at the Family Circus outreach to the poor of Davao City. I need to ask those of you who pray to remember Sandy & Darrell, Jr. They are on their way to the areas struck by the typhoon. One of their tasks will be to handle bodies of the deceased. This is a potentially dangerous mission, because there's the possibility of violence as rescuers meet desperately hungry survivors. Again, I'm honored to know them, & again, please pray for "DD" & his mom.


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