Sunday, February 24, 2019

Starting Work On The Atari Lynx ROM Emulator ... Again.

Has it really been 6 years? Whoa.

I'm back in full retirement mode and looking for things to do. I stumbled across my Atari Lynx, with all of the wires coming out of it and the MicroChip dev board glommed to it. So I'm cleaning it up and counting all of the broken wires and reading all of my past documentation.

The goal is a card that will plug in like a game cartridge, have an SD card on it so multiple images can be stored AND management of the images will be through a PC, and selection of the boot image will be via a [dip switch?] or something. Maybe a software shell that will allow you to select the image to boot. Who knows ...

Right now - this is a mess. And I've forgotten a lot about how the cartridges work and how the Lynx system handles images. I'll have to re-learn that all over again.

Oh well. I have plenty of free time ...

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